They’re our stories is a visual storytelling project started by Sonja Langford. It  is designed to celebrate stories, lives, and memories through recorded interviews, written word and photography.

We’re all writing the chapters in our story, day by day, but in the busyness of life we rarely have a chance to share them with others. We stand side by side in the line smiling at each other with lips hiding crooked teeth and sad days. We wave to each other from behind our white picket fences that all have cracked posts and chipped paint. And yet, with seven billion people on this earth we still think we’re the only one with cracks in our shells, scars on our skin, and smiles that change the world. I don’t know, but maybe we’ve got it wrong?
The mountain vistas, shadowed valleys, raging thunderstorms, and kind fairies of our lives are what have molded and shaped us into the people we are today. Each tear and smile is a shrouded glimpse into our lives. The sacredness of our thin places and the tenacity of our strong bits make up a beautiful soul—a beautiful soul with a story worth sharing. When I realized that, I realized what my mission was.
So, I hope you will allow me the opportunity to sit down sometime over a cup of hot cocoa and really listen as the words slowly tumble out one after another, an untold story, a forgotten memory, a beloved dream, and life long goal. I want the opportunity to watch your eyes light up in anticipation of something yet unsaid, to laugh at the moments that you find humor in, and to weep with you when you walk me through that deeply shadowed valley.
I hope you will allow me this opportunity to show you that you have a story worth sharing with the world, because your story just may be the one to show someone else that it is truly our stories .
– sonja langford